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Pets owned by andreaa261

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Pet Dog
Breed Pekingese
Age19 years, 3 months, 14 days
Favorite activityloves to go for walks
Favorite toy
Likesmama our female dog
Dislikesto be held
Storybear is a creamed color pekengese who loves to go for walks. we got him from a puppy mil he had to get his tail amputated after a horrifieng attack by a pitbull but like always he is so loving and loves the attention
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Pet Dog
Breed Mixed breed
Age15 years, 8 months, 25 days
Favorite activitychasing her tail
Favorite toyballs
Likesspagheti noodles
Dislikessqueeky toys
Storymama is a shih tzu chihuahua mix who loves to play and is also kalled speed racer because she loves to run
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Pet Cat
Breed Himalayan
Age15 years, 4 months, 21 days
Favorite activitysleeping
Favorite toyballs
Likesto sleep
Dislikeshis bell rubbed
Storyboo is very lazy but such a mamas boy and loves to take a bath

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