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Pets owned by zazamaree

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Pet Other
Breed Ignore
Age15 years, 1 month, 17 days
Favorite activityprancing, playing with her Heeler dog friend, Chloe
Favorite toybig red play-ball
Likesvisiting with her horse neighbors, exploring around the yard, being scratched behind the ears
Dislikesgetting splashed with water, loud noises
StoryWe adopted Kitti in March of 2011. She was really born in February 2011 not 2009, but the website won't let me select 2011. Kitti is a picky eater she won't eat anything but hay and grains we've tried giving her watermelon, celery, apples, and more. She spends her days grazing with her pony friend, Ginger, headbutting her red ball, and finding weeds and shrubbery to eat around the yard. She has also started to grow horns, although it's hard to tell by this picture.
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Name:Muffy the Dog
Pet Dog
Breed Yorkshire Terrier
Age20 years, 9 months, 9 days
Favorite activitywatching and barking at birds through the window, eating treats,
Favorite toysqueeky monster toy seen in pict
Likesbelly rubs, going to the groomer, chicken treats, sitting on the couch with her Grandpa, ripping up paper
Dislikesbeing told what to do, kibble, firework sounds
StoryI got Muffy when I was 6 years old, before I moved across the country. She was born in a small farm in eastern North Carolina, but she has lived in the big city of Las Vegas for almost 8 years now. She prefers the the bright lights to her humble past. At 7 years old, I gave her an extremely long name: Muffin Cupcake Puffy Margaret Woodchip Bologna Pepperoni Mozzerella Peanutbutter Fontina Louisa Macaroni Cheesecake FeFe Frosting Kasey Kelsey Maryanne Maria Izabella Cookie Dakota Killer Fluffy Spiketa Stinky Pigglet, but we call her Muffy for short. In this picture, she had just gotten her hair dyed pink for her birthday to match her rebel personality. Our other dog, Chloe, mad fun of her for having pink hair, so we let it grow out, and now she's back to her natural blonde color.

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