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Pets owned by erock7471

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Name:BoBo Kitty
Pet Cat
Breed Mixed
Age28 years, 10 days
Favorite activityPlaying with my hair
Favorite toyMy Hair
LikesTo be petted and scratched on his head
Dislikesto be picked and carried around
Storybobo has been with me since i was a baby he is very cute and loveble we also got him a new friend named snickers since his old friend passed away but snickers and bobo are getting along very well now
6 Vote for this pet7
Pet Cat
Breed Mixed
Age19 years, 1 month, 10 days
Favorite activitygoing outside to play
Favorite toyanything little on the floor
Likesme and my family
Dislikesloud sounds
Storywe got this cat a month ago she is sooo sweet she aready had her favorite spot in two days

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