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Pets owned by shelbyrosegirl

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Pet Rabbit
Breed Ignore
Age16 years, 6 months, 9 days
Favorite activityHopping around outside
Favorite toydoesnt really have one
Likeshe likes to eat,sit outside with my cat,and run outside
Dislikesgetting his feet tickled
StorySammy is a Mini Rex rabbit. He is about 7 years old. He loves being outside. He will eat almost anything.He is spoiled rotten
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Pet Cat
Breed Tabby
Age12 years, 6 months, 1 day
Favorite activityplaying tag, jumping up walls, looking out the window
Favorite toystring,hands,and hair
Likeshead scratched
Dislikesbelly rubbed
StoryThis is Chaz aka chazy or buckethead. He poops a ton! I watched him being born he was the second one out. He only likes to cuddle when hes in the mood and he will let you know. He talks alot when he needs something.

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