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Pets owned by CavalierSpaniel

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Pet Dog
Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age17 years, 2 months, 8 days
Favorite activityplaying outside
Favorite toyteddy bear
Likesmeeting new people, running around, and meeting new animals
StoryChispita is small, even for a Cavalier. She is the friendliest, nicest dog I ever met, but she is mischievous and does not obey commands like a robot. She likes chewing and ripping up toys, and since we are always getting her new ones, how would she know that she is often chewing up human toys
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Pet Bird
Breed Ignore
Age17 years, 14 days
Favorite activityTaking dust-baths.
Favorite toyA stuffed animal that used to be
LikesEating, and being with her friends, the other chickens.
DislikesBeing alone.
StoryWe only had a few chickens, and a badger ate most of them. Goldy was the only one who survived. She was lonely and soon became very friendly towards people. She would come running up if you called her. She is dead now too.

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